We ensure foundations operate at their highest potential, employing best practices and innovative thinking to help align mission and resources with need and opportunities. Our expertise allows you to focus on your vision for change with the confidence that you have the strategy and mechanisms of support in place to make your vision a reality. 

We help you facilitate collaborative relationships designed to yield high returns, eliminate waste, and capitalize on resources. 

Services include: 

Services include: 



We provide tailored services to the following critical players:

We provide the expertise and tools to help guide nonprofits through each stage of efficiently raising capital and resources, including insider knowledge of what funders want and how to make them happy. We help nonprofits distinguish themselves from their peers and secure the resources to fulfill their mission. 

• Board development
• Strategic planning
• Fund development
• Executive and staff recruiting 
• Assessment and evaluation

We help corporations leverage their philanthropy into successful business tools and reap significant returns on nonprofit investments—for the community, employees, customers, and bottom line. Our expertise in integrating business with philanthropy means we help ensure your philanthropic efforts work for you.

We don’t ask you to give more. We help you give smarter by assessing your philanthropic impact on the community, your corporate values, and your stakeholders.  

• Benchmarking and assessment
• Strategic planning
• Plan execution, training, and alignment 
• Metrics and evaluation, reporting and disseminating results
• Message alignment and visibility ​

• Guided exploration of family giving expectations, goals, passions, and philosophy 
• Family Visioning Session to create vision and outline Legacy Impact
• Creation of strategic Family Vision Plan to guide giving 
• Metrics and assessment of giving effectiveness
• Ongoing support including board development, organizational development, venture philanthropy, and program related investing  


Services include: